Industrial silica sand is a highly versatile mineral with a broad range of applications. Pioneer Sands ranks among the leaders in manufacturing a complete range of whole grain and pulverized products to meet the needs of a variety of industries. The following products matrix gives a complete overview of the industries we serve, specific applications within each industry and the quality products we offer.

 Industry / Applications
 Water Treatment
   - Water Filtration  
 Water Well and Environmental Gravel Pack
   - Wastewater Filtration  
   - Container Glass  
   - Float and hollow glass
   - Insulation
 Building Materials
   - Fillers  
   - Grouts and Mortars  
   - Plasters and Stucco  
   - Bricks  
   - Geothermal Grout  
   - Caulks  
   - Paints  
   - Plastics  
   - Oil and Gas Well Fracturing
   - Gravel Pack  
   - Cementing  
   - Horse Tracks/Arenas  
   - Parks  
   - Sports Fields  
   - Golf Courses  
   - Volleyball Courts  
   - Playgrounds  
   - Putting Greens  
   - Synthetic Turf Infill  
   - Grinding Media  
   - Traction  
   - Tableware  
   - Sanitary Ware  
   - Tile  

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