Our customer service department answers many questions regarding our industrial sand products for all the industries we serve. The questions range from extraction of the material to use and storage. As a resource to our customers and website viewers, the listing below represents the most frequently asked questions.  

Does Pioneer Sands' sand meet API specifications?
Yes, our Brady® and Bakersfield sands meet and exceed all API specifications. For more information about our high quality sands please contact our inside service representative at 866-780-0974.

At what operations does Pioneer Sands have custom screening capabilities?
Our Brady and Bakersfield Operations have custom screening to meet specialized specs, particularly for customer's water filtration and gravel pack needs.

Is product delivery available directly to the customer's location?
Yes. Through highly advanced supply chain capabilities and an expert staff, Pioneer Sands works closely with customers to arrange for reliable transportation directly to their locations. Depending on the Pioneer Sands
site that services you, we offer either truck or rail delivery options.

Where does Pioneer Sands have rail access?
Three of our operations have rail capabilities. Our Bakersfield Operation has BN access and our Brady Operation has BN & UP access. For our customer's convenience, Pioneer Sands posts monthly fuel surcharge rates in the Services section of our website.

What are Pioneer Sands' packaging options?
For customers who prefer to have product delivered packaged rather than in bulk, Pioneer Sands can provide its high quality silica sands in 50 lbs., 100 lbs., or 3,000 lbs. Super Sacks. Bagged material is provided with shrink wrapping on palettes for the customer's handling and storage convenience.

Can Pioneer Sands load product in containers?
Yes. We have the ability to load containers at our Brady and Bakersfield Operations. This enables us to reach and service our overseas customers.

What is the silica content of Pioneer Sands industrial sands?
Depending on the site that produces high quality silica sands, the silica content will vary from 80% to 99.5%. For more information about a plant's specific chemical properties, please contact our inside service representative at 866-780-0974.

What is Dustnet®?
Dustnet® is a liquid dust suppressant coating that we apply to our sand blast sands during production to reduce nuisance and respirable dust which could be created during sand blasting. Dustnet® can also be applied to our other sands upon customer request.

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