Sands Application in the Building Materials Market

The building materials industry uses approximately 2.5M tons of industrial sand each year. Industrial sand is the primary structural component in a wide variety of building and construction products.

Whole grain silica is used in stucco, mortars, roofing shingles, flooring compounds, specialty cements, skid-resistant surfaces, fiberglass insulation and asphalt mixtures to provide packing density and flexural strength without adversely affecting the chemical properties of the bending system.

Ground silica performs as a functional extender to add durability, anti-corrosion and weathering properties in epoxy-based compounds, sealants and caulks. Ground silica is also an essential component of the glaze and body formulations of all types of ceramic products including sanitary ware, floor and tile. In the ceramic body, silica is the skeletal structure upon which clays and flux components attach. The SiO2 contribution is used to modify thermal expansion, regulate drying and shrinkage and improve structural integrity and appearance.

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