Pioneer Sands is one of the largest suppliers of silica sand in North America. Volume, however, is not our only strength. The quality of our products meets or exceeds the exacting chemical and physical standards that are applied to the production of industrial sand. This has resulted in Pioneer Sands being recognized as an industry leader. These dual attributes, volume and quality, enable us to serve multiple markets.

The primary markets served by Premier Silica are:

  • Energy Industry (Oil and Gas Well Recovery): Industrial sand is hydraulically pumped under extremely high pressure down holes in deep well applications to prop open rock fissures and increase the flow rate of natural gas or oil. Round and spherical whole grain sand is used to maximize conductivity and permeability and prevent foreign material from entering the well bore. Silica sand's hardness and its overall structural integrity combine to deliver the required crush resistance of the high pressures in deep wells.

  • Building Materials Industry: Industrial sand is the primary structural component in a variety of building materials and products. Whole grain silica is used in stucco, mortars, flooring compounds, asphalt, roofing shingles, skid resistant surfaces, bricks and many other applications. Ground silica is used as an extender and adds durability in epoxy based compounds, sealants and caulks. Industrial sand is the primary component of all types of glass. It provides the essential SiO2 component of glass formulation, and its chemical purity is the primary determinant of color, clarity and strength. Industrial sand is used to produce flat glass for building and automotive use, container glass for foods and beverages. Pulverized silica is used for the production of fiberglass insulation. Industrial sand is an essential component of the glaze and body formulations of all types of ceramic products- tableware, sanitary ware and tile. In the ceramic body, silica is the skeletal structure which clays and flux components attach. The SiO2 content is used to modify thermal expansion, regulate drying and shrinkage and improve structural integrity and appearance.

  • Environmental Industry: Industrial sand is used in the following application:
    • Water Well Gravel Packs
    • Environmental Monitor Well Gravel Packs
    • Geothermal Grout Additive
    • Water Filtration
    • Wastewater Filtration
    • Industrial Process Water Filtration
    • Swimming Pool and Aquarium Water Filtration

    Uniform grain shapes and grain size distribution are critical in ensuring efficient filtration bed operation in the removal of contaminants from both potable water and wastewater. Silica sand will not degrade or react when it comes in contact with acids, contaminants, organics or solvents. Coarse grain silica is used as packing material in water wells to increase yield from the well by expanding the permeable zone around the well screen and preventing the infiltration of fine particles from the formation. Industrial sand's high silica content aids in enhancing the thermal conductivity of geothermal grouts.

  • Industrial: Industrial sand is used in the following industrial applications:
    • Traction sand - Sand is spread on roads, railroad tracks, and runways to improve traction in wet, icy or snowy conditions.
    • Foundry sand - Engine blocks and faucets are a few of the metal parts that are cast in sand and clay molds to produce the external shape, and a resin bonded core that creates the desired internal shapes. This type of sand must be able to withstand high temperatures and pressure, allow gases to escape, have a uniform and small grain size and be non-reactive with metals.
    • Grinding media - Industrial sand is used as a grinding media when there cannot be contamination from iron or other substance or there is a need for a grinding media that is very resistant to corrosive materials.
  • Recreational: Industrial sand is used for golf course bunkers and greens as well as the construction of natural or synthetic athletic fields and volleyball courts. In golf and sports turf applications, industrial sand is the structural component of an inert, uncontaminated, growing media. It is also used to facilitate everyday maintenance like root aeration and fertilization. The natural grain shape and controlled particle size distribution of industrial silica provides the required permeability and compaction properties for drainage, healthy plant growth and stability. Industrial sand is also used to improve footing and drainage in horse track and arenas.

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