Our sales and customer service departments answer many questions regarding our industrial sand products for all the industries we serve. The questions range from applications and uses to storage, shipping and handling. As a resource to our customers and website viewers, the listing below represents the most "Frequently Asked Questions."

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What precautions should I take in handling silica sand?
Precautions to take are listed in our SDS sheet, which can be found on the SDS page.

What kind of PPE do my workers need?
Recommended PPE is listed in our SDS sheet, which can be found on the SDS page.

What is the silica content of your sand?
Depending on the Pioneer Sands site that produces high quality silica sands, the silica content will vary from 80% to 99.5%. For more information about a plant's specific chemical properties, contact us.

What packaging options do you provide?
For customers who prefer to have product delivered packaged rather than in bulk, Pioneer Sands can provide its high quality silica sands in 50 lbs., 100 lbs. or 3,000 lbs. Super Sacks. Bagged material is provided with shrink wrapping on palettes for the customer's handling and storage convenience.

How many bags of sand are on a pallet?
Depending on the product bag size, the stacking quantity will vary. Our three most common stacking orders are:

  • quantity of 30 -100 lbs. bags of sand per pallet
  • quantity of 56 – 50 lbs. bags of sand per pallet
  • quantity of 60 - 50 lbs. bags of sand per pallet

These typical stacking orders will change depending on the plant at which it is packaged.

Do you sell sand for geothermal grout mixes?
Yes. Our geothermal grout mix sands are called GeoSil® and GeoSil Plus® and are available from our Ohio, Texas and California plants.

What is the conversion between pounds of sand and cubic feet?
The general rule of thumb is that 100 pounds of sand are approximately equivalent to one cubic foot.

Will you handle the shipping for my order?
Yes. Through highly advanced supply chain capabilities and an expert staff, Pioneer Sands works closely with customers to arrange for reliable transportation directly to your locations. Depending on the Pioneer Sands site that services you, we offer either truck or rail delivery options.

I am located outside of the USA. Do you export sand?
Yes, we export our sand all over the world.

What color is your sand?
Since we are mining different geologic deposits around the USA, the color of our sands varies from location to location. We have sands available in colors ranging from off-white to brown.

What sizes of sand do you produce?
We produce numerous sand sizes ranging from 6/9 down to 100Mesh. In addition we produce silica flour.

How do you process your sands?
Once extracted from the ground our sands are washed to remove the silt and clay, kiln-dried and then screened to the various sizes.

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