Welcome to the Pioneer Sands website. Pioneer Sands provides whole grain industrial sand products for a variety of commercial, recreational, and industrial applications including:

Our website is designed to serve you with technical information about the attributes and benefits of our sand products as applied in all of these market sectors. You can access the industry of your choice by using the Markets link available on every page and finding specific information to help you better understand and appreciate how Pioneer Sands can supply and serve your needs and requirements.

Interested in working for us? Please apply online for available jobs. Look for “Brady, TX” under Locations.

The Company - Pioneer Sands is one of the largest producers of silica sand products in the U.S., having the capacity to manufacture and distribute up to 1.5 million tons per year of finished products. Our three manufacturing facilities supply and serve just about every state in the U.S. as well as Canada and Mexico. We employ highly skilled professionals who are committed to maintaining our leading position and providing customers with first-class service.

Our Products - Pioneer Sands includes a full range of high silica whole grain products. The Products section of our site provides a guide to our complete range of products and their various applications. For additional information, always feel free to reach us through the Contact Us section of our site.

Our Services - Pioneer Sands provides a high level of capability in industry specific, technical application support that is backed by our highly experienced staff. Additionally, our supply chain capabilities are supported through a broad network of distribution services and a variety of packaging and delivery options.

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